Online Blackjack Beginner’s Guide

Online gambling in Alaska has become popular with Blackjack being one of the most popular casino games out there. It is popularity has made casinos come up with variations on it, but the basic rules are reasonably alike. This game also known as Twenty-one or even Pontoon boat is easier to learn and offers fair odds to the players compared to other games which have attributed to its popularity. It is a card-based game with one or more French decks of 52 cards. Any gambler playing this game should aim at getting his side as close to 21 as possible without going over. In most cases, the game is played between the player and the casino.

It is a fast-paced game where skill and luck are a necessity to be successful. Being self-disciplined, intelligent and good control can enable you to gain profit in casino promotions. Blackjack, like any other card game, is all about knowing how to play it well by following the rules, strategies, and tips. Below is a guide containing all this to help you increase chances of winning.

Blackjack Rules

Every game comes with its own rules. For one to survive, he or she must adhere to the set rules. Though there are various versions of Blackjack as per casino, there are some basic rules that are followed by all of them.

Rule number one is that the player participating in the game is given two cards which may either face-up or down. The dealer representing the house will take a card face-up and has another one hidden from the player.

The player can decide whether to add more cards or just go with the two-card hand. If the player doubles the hand, it means the bet has been doubled and receives on hit to the hand or splitting a pair of cards.

If the house representative has the possibility of a two-card 21, the player can take insurance where half his wager is placed in front of the hand. However, if the dealer has the two-card 21in the hand, the player wins 2-to-1 on insurance. The player can double on any combination of two- card, split as many times as possible or double after splitting. All this depends on rules variation from one casino to another.

Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack is maybe one of the few casino games that can be won according to the player’s strategic decisions rather than the sheer advantage of luck. Though the game is easy to learn, players have to be alert and apply the right strategy at the right time to become winners. Blackjack strategy is all about break-even approach known as Basic Strategy.

blackjack basic strategy card

One has to make a pre-determined decision for any combination of two-card against any dealer up card. Since the rules require the dealer to hit 17 and stand on 17, the gambler imitates to the extent of hitting stiff hands against dealer pay hands and holding against the dealer’s stiff hands. With soft hands, the player can easily double against stiff dealer hands and split pairs.

Blackjack Tips

To become successful in this card game, there some tips that one should get versed with.

  • You should try splitting Aces and eights (8’s).
  • Never split fives. The fives combined sum up to 10 which can be a doubling hand for you.
  • There are many games that permit soft doubling. Always go for them.
  • Insurance is a bet that does not give any value to the player. It should, therefore, be avoided by all means.
  • Games that permit Double Down After Split have more chances of giving you success. Therefore a player should try finding them.
  • If the surrender option is available, try using it as it permits you to spare your bet when you find yourself against a strong dealer up card when you have a stiff hand.
  • Hitting hands like 15 or 16 may seem like the unwise decision at times. However, do not hesitate to make such a move since it is part of a good Basic Strategy approach.
  • When playing Basic Strategy, a player will mostly hit a hand and still have a choice to make. In case of such encounters, just plug the multi-card hand back into the Basic Strategy and settle on a wise decision.
  • When you commit yourself to playing Basic Strategy, playing should never be an option for you.

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