Can Keno be Played Online?

keno onlineKeno online playing is a pure form of fun. If you wish to win, you need to have patience. The game calling, by the dealer, is slower than the other games. The average time between two successive games is 5 to 6 minutes. Sometimes the interval may also increase. Most of the players might give up due to lack of patience for winning. If you can wait until you get your chance, the probability of winning a big hand always exists. Using the numbers in combination is the key to your success while playing Keno. The selection range of numbers is broader than the other games.

Hot Spots in Keno

Online Keno numbering is called the spot. The card you choose will contain the number of your choice. When the keno draw picks up your choice, it is called the catch. The ratio between the spots and “catches” will determine your success rate in Keno.

The spots 61, 65, 67, 74 and 13 are called hotspots because they are the most drawn numbers in Keno. There is no logic associated with these numbers. The statistical analysis of the most drawn numbers across the USA and the rest of the world have projected these numbers. They may change with time.

Online Keno Play

The gaming screen of the online Keno looks simple. The display shows your bet,     results, win and the payout.

You have to select the number of spots per draw. The maximum number of “spots” is 10. If you choose one “spot” and it gets picked up by the computer, you get 1:2 as prize money. The odds of winning are one in four. Two “spots” with two catches will earn you 1:10. Similarly, the ratio moves up to 1: 200,000 for ten spots and ten “catches.” But the odds also increase exponentially in the same manner. For example, the odd chance of winning $25 for every dollar you play is 1 in 175. The odds of winning 1: 200,000 are 1 in 8,911,712. These types of odds could be frustrating since there is no logic or skill involved in the game.

You can choose any number between 1 and 80 called the spot. You can opt for spending any amount of money per draw starting from $1. The maximum of the ticket you buy is $100. When you play with the bonus, it goes up to $200. Once you have selected your numbers and clicked on play, the dealer waits for the rest of players in the game to complete their selections. Finally, the dealer starts making the picks. The catches depend on the matching between your chosen numbers and the dealer selected numbers.

Winning Probability

The probability of winning depends on the random number generation methods. You can analyze the pattern of number generation in the previous games you have played. The statistical data will give you an idea about number selection on a specific Keno playing site.  However, the past data cannot be considered as absolute, since the combinations may vary every time you play the game of keno online.

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