alaska gambling sitesUnlike in most states, there are neither live casinos nor state lottery in Alaska, thanks to the strict gambling laws that the states have put in place for land-based gambling.

This ultimately makes online gambling the only alternative to land-based gambling. Bingo halls and pull tabs are by far the only forms of land-based gambling in this state. Currently, the state does not prohibit, ban or regulate online gambling and therefore residents can indulge in online gambling devoid of fear of prosecution. That is precisely why we have compiled a detailed list of online gambling sites that are easy to use, safe, entertaining and trusted. Having repeatedly tested these sites ourselves and experienced no problems with any of them, then we can confidently say they have what it takes to provide you with awesome online gambling experience. Our list of online gambling sites in Alaska includes poker rooms, sportsbooks, and online bingo sites.

Best Online Casinos for Alaska

There are numerous gambling websites in Alaska, with most of them strictly accepting only residents of this state. When picking an online gambling website, it is always good to start by reviewing the website’s policies, procedures as well as the ratings it has been accorded by other players. If you are a resident of Alaska and then you happen to pick any of the sites from the list of online gambling sites we have compiled for residents of this state, then you don’t have to review that particular site since we have done that for you already. We clearly understand how important it is to have fun when taking part in online gambling. Therefore, we only list online gambling sites that make it possible for the residents of Alaska to stay safe and at the same time have fun while indulging in online gambling.

To help fill the vacuum of not having land-based casinos, there is a wide array of online casinos that are available to residents of Alaska. All the online casinos we have compiled for residents of this great state are just as fun and entertaining as their land-based counterparts. They offer a huge variety of different games including card games, slots, roulette and many others. There are also some online casinos that offer players welcome bonuses, weekly and daily jackpots as well as other promotions. Our comprehensive list of online casinos offers all these options, not to mention that they are all trusted and safe sites as well. Our list comprises the following types of online gambling sites.

Online sportsbooks: these gambling sites allow the player to place bets on particular sporting events. While these sites are quite easy to locate following a quick internet search, you should, however, be careful while picking any online sportsbooks. As such, we offer a comprehensive list of safe and secure online sportsbooks that strictly accept residents of Alaska. The sites we have compiled under online sportsbooks category also offer safety and numerous promotions. You can, therefore, go through our list, pick any of our suggested sites and then start playing safely as you have fun.

Online poker rooms: these online gambling sites offer a wide array of poker games at various levels ranging from beginner to pro. We have listed several online poker rooms for residents of Alaska. Our online poker rooms offer weekly tournaments, welcome bonuses as well as other promotions. If you are a resident of Alaska, you cannot go wrong with any of the online poker rooms we have listed for you in our list.

Online bingo sites: these sites offer players with entertaining and fun bingo games. These sites are readily available and they also accept residents of Alaska. Most of them offer bingo tournaments, welcome bonuses, and other options just to keep players entertained and having fun for a long time.

Commonly asked questions about online gambling in Alaska

Is online gambling in Alaska legal?

There are absolutely no written laws in this state that prohibit, regulate or ban online gambling. Residents of this state can, therefore, indulge in online gambling without fear of breaking the law.

How safe is it to gamble online in the state of Alaska?

Online gambling in Alaska is safe provided you are gambling on a trusted and safe site. Residents of this state can take a safety precaution while gambling online, by ensuring they gamble strictly on the sites we have compiled for them. These sites have repeatedly been tested for reputation, trustworthiness and entertainment options.

Are online casinos in Alaska legal?

In Alaska, online casinos are legal thanks to the fact that there are absolutely no laws that prohibit online casinos in this state. Actually, there are no written gambling laws in this state that suggest that residents can get arrested for gambling casinos.

Are online sportsbooks in Alaska legal?

There are several online sportsbooks that are available to residents of Alaska, and all of them are legal. Therefore, residents from this state can choose to bet on any online sportsbooks of their choice devoid of worrying about getting arrested or breaking the Alaskan gambling laws. As such, we have provided residents of Alaska with a comprehensive list of online sportsbooks that are safe and trustworthy.

Can gamble in Alaska land me in jail?

No person has ever been jailed in Alaska for gambling online. The fact that the state’s gambling laws do not prohibit gambling means that gambling in Alaska is not a crime and hence you cannot go to jail simply for gambling online.

Money Vs Ease of Game? 

As the payouts value increases, the complexity of the game will also move up. The easier ones will be plentiful in numbers but lower on payouts. In fact, even the complex games will become simple if you can practice playing the free versions regularly. If you want to play live casino games you can train your skill with a low bet only. Unfortunately, there is a possibility to play e.g. live blackjack without real money bets.

What can do if I experience problems with any online gambling sites?

If you pick one of the many online gambling sites that we have recommended, you will certainly not experience any problems. But if you don’t choose from our listed sites and then you experience problems such as not being awarded your wins, then you can contact the site’s customer service via either telephone or email. You can also use a players’ advocate to resolve the problem just in case you are unable to deal with the site directly.


While online gambling is ultimately the most common form of gambling in Alaska, there are however age restrictions involved with online gambling in this state. For instance, all players must be at least 19 years for them to play bingo online. Again, residents wishing to play in sportsbooks, poker rooms as well as online or offline casinos must be at least 18 years old.